Forming business partnerships

Like a marriage that thrives, harmonious and profitable business relationships simply do not just happen.

Knowing yourself, your strengths and your needs and being able to identify the right match and then get together is just as much about strategy as it is about chemistry.

Business relationships take many forms including supplier to customer, investors to managers and also joint-venture partners. There’s also the pre-partnership stage – getting to know each other, developing friendship and trust, designing how a harmonious partnership could work.

Chinese and Western business relationships range from those that had promise but never got started, to those that took much time to form and then continue to work and flourish many years later.

So you have a MoU and many photos. Will that MoU actually convert into revenues and profits? How will the proposed partnership move forward positively from the MoU?

Now you have a written and signed English and Chinese contract, is it as reliable as you might assume it is? How will Intellectual Property be protected?(if it can be). Can that protection be relied upon in the future?

You will always be told that the key to success in entering any new country or cultural customer segment rests upon having the right local partners.

Given this, just how do you maximise the chance of finding and working with the right partners?

Tell us more about your situation and needs to work with Chinese or Western business partners and we will touch base with you with some helpful resources and suggestions.

Business men shaking hands